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At Fine & Country we offer real estate agencies the opportunity to generate an additional benefit to their business. We provide you with the opportunity to combine your local experience with global marketing tools and exclusive advertising material. We are offering you the possibility of working on an international level applying the best marketing tools which exist in the market.

In addition, Fine & Country as a leading brand in this sector is creating for you a possibilty to position yourself in the luxury real estate market and get additional market share. Fine & Country has achieved worldwide expansion, has more than 300 offices, thanks to the creative tools, new technologies and innovative marketing strategies that we are implementing.

If you are a real estate agent specializing in the luxury properties you can achieve more sales working toghether with Fine & Country


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Open your own Fine & Country office. Convert your existing brand or add Fine&Country department to your business.

Fine & Country is an award-winning multiple brand for real estate agents who want to increase their market share in the lucrative top quartile in the real estate market.

The network has presence on the five continents and it is in continuous growth. At the moments Fine & Country presented in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, West Africa, Dubai, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Australia, Florida, Malta and Italy. Fine & Country offers: brand, marketing, IT and ample esupport which is necessary to create clear points of differentiation with a competition.


The brand is extended through the international press: With Fine & Country PR our properties and our brand regularly feature in the Wall Street Journal and The London and New York Times. This exposure benefits and reinforces the regional and local coverage of the brand, thereby benefitting all of our member offices. This exposure in leading newspapers gives our agents unsurpassed brand credibility with vendors and buyers.

Our own PR department: As a Fine & Country member office you will be entitled to make use of the PR team in London to assist you with copywriting and press releases. Our Media Centre is made up of a team of experienced press relations managers and copywriters, dedicated to liaising with newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets to gain extensive coverage for our properties in regional and national media.

Fine & Country agents have more to offer their vendors than the local neighbourhood “franchise” agency. When you go into a listing presentation you need to prove tangible benefits and a better value proposition than your competitors. Fine & Country agents reach markets that other agents can’t and that combined with our award winning marketing collateral, accompanying technology, social media activity and in-house PR dept. gives you an overall marketing package that your competitors will struggle to compete with.


Continual website development and SEO: Our global website is carefully managed and continuous investment in search engine optimisation has delivered record levels of traffic. The site is increasingly recognised as the website of choice for luxury property.

Innovation with cutting edge technology: Through our association with Vieweet we provide our vendors with cutting edge 2D and 3D Augmented reality presentations of their property.

Integrated social networking: You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Exclusive Homes Worldwide:  Our own international publication for properties from around the globe, combined with international lifestyle articles including travel, sport and art. This magazine is printed quarterly and distributed to airline lounges, hotels, spa's and gymnasiums thereby giving your vendors excellent international exposure.

The Collection Magazine: esta revista es una de las herramientas de marketing más poderosas disponibles actualmente para nuestras oficinas. Es una parte clave de nuestro enfoque. Su título se refiere a una zona concreta, por ejemplo “Barcelona Collection”, proporcionando una propuesta local o regional verdaderamente atractiva. Esta revista presenta sus propiedades maravillosamente, es una riqueza editorial de lujo que abarca temas muy diversos.


We automate your design process in a cost effective manner: One of the biggest stumbling blocks for an independent estate agency is the continual desktop publishing and graphic design process and the cost to maintain such services, which are required for consistency and delivery of marketing collateral. When you join Fine & Country you have access to the services of a world-class design studio.


Our goal in Spain is to select only the highest quality agents to represent us. We are looking for individuals who value personal service, honesty and integrity, who are highly motivated, entrepreneurial and have a strong desire to be associated with a global luxury brand. These are people who understand that their clients also value dealing with an elite group of agents that can offer them genuine benefits that others cant.

Who can apply?

An existing agency (independent or franchised) or successful agent who would like to be in his or her own business and who can see the opportunity to secure an exclusive license for a global brand in their suburb.

If you would like to have a discussion with us in confidence; we would be happy to hear from you.

Fine & Country Spain

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